The UK’s largest independent electric motor distributor, TEC Electric Motors has appointed industry expert David Ede to the new role of Business Development Manager.

David has many years’ experience working with industrial electric motors, drives and automation and is well-known throughout the industry, so is well placed to develop TEC’s ambitious growth plans.

“In less than a dozen years since its founding, TEC has gained a 15-20% share of the UK’s market for industrial motors,” he says. “This is impressive, and I am really excited at the thought of developing a strategy that keeps the business very customer orientated while introducing a wider portfolio of products to the range. We are looking to achieve double digit growth each year for the foreseeable future – by providing a service that works around the needs of our OEM’s, distributors and their customers.”

TEC was formed in 2006 with the objective of offering a one-stop shop for all drive requirements, with quality products at competitive prices and the best after-sales service in the market.  As well as motors, it supplies gearboxes, inverters and other related equipment. Key to providing a rapid and supportive response, TEC holds £13.5m worth of stock, more than any other company in the UK.

Its motor range is truly extensive, taking in single- and three-phase, low- medium- and high-voltage, sizes up to 8MW, AC and DC, standard, ATEX and customised motors.

“We can supply special windings, mountings and shaft designs; add brakes, forced draught cooling; meet IP 56, 65, 66, 67 and 68 requirements and customise motors to exact user specifications,” says David. “The quality of our motors is exceptional; they are made by factories with strict quality control and that we have audited personally.”

David says that with his years of experience he has seen the ebb and flow of many trends in the motor market. “Currently, a lot of users are looking to reduce the component count in their drive systems, which will reduce costs while increasing reliability and optimising performance. Our wide range and customisation service meet this need exactly and we back it up with local expertise as well as factory support.”

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